Daily Archives: December 27, 2011

No Pants December: Day 27

My mom wanted to go antiquing. I was still experiencing the omnipresent northern California chill, despite the sunshine. I put on my same ol’ “go-to” skirt and a turtleneck that my mom gave me. When she noticed it she asked where I got it and said she thought it looked like “her kinda thing.” I told her she was welcome to have it back. It really isn’t my kinda thing but I hadn’t packed much and thought I’d left more warmer shirts behind. Sigh. Anyway. I managed to factor in something new by wearing a pair of the tights I bought at Nordstrom last night and put on my ballet flats so the tights would be visible beyond a peek of knee. I didn’t think that red sweater jacket would work with all the brown so I just wore my motorcycle jacket. No sense in sweating the old lady ensemble, given I’d be engaged in old lady activities. Hah!

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