Daily Archives: December 24, 2011

No Pants December: Day 24

Ho ho ho! Have we had enough of red and white stripey tights and that Mongolian lamb scarf? Not quite yet, apparently. For Christmas Eve day, I was headed to church with my sister and the kids. Unfortunately my mom was feeling sickly and couldn’t bring me the blazer I was planning to wear so I sported my biker jacket over my ensemble, which consisted of the silver Gap skirt (now in a size 8), a plain black shirt and patterned  knit tights. Yes, I did look like an aging rocker chick, standing out just a smidge amidst the gentile 1% in their designer dresses and pointy-toed shoes. I went with my festive silver ballet flats, purchased at Payless a few years back; they are, unfortunately, on their last legs. (Er, feet?) I added color to the costume with that red Mongolian lamb scarf. I know…could I be more boring? I didn’t want to pack a lot, anticipating bringing more clothes back to New York from my parents’. Even so, my suitcase weighed a ton…sigh. Anyway, Felice Navidad!

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