Daily Archives: December 22, 2011

No Pants December: Day 22

After all the running around and HO-HO-HOing, I had to get ready for my trip west and pack. I also had to tidy up my apartment in anticipation of my “house guests.” As I was doing just that (those?), I got a text from Donald, the manager of Double Down, my fave neighborhood bar, offering me a door shift. Can’t say no to work! It meant being mostly on my feet for six hours so I wore my Fluevogs, which give me more support than ballet flats. In keeping with my Christmas cheer, I wore my crowd-pleasing red and white stripey tights (again, I know!) and my black wool short shorts. The red Mongolian lamb scarf and motorcycle jacket were a nice balance of punk rock and holiday. Thankfully it was a warm night and I didn’t need to stand outside!

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