Really Shiny!

Today I’m finally feeling the cold I’ve been fighting off. I ran around a lot with a hangover from last night’s soiree. I kinda can’t believe I’ve been able to stay healthy this far, given all the partying and the running around! Over the past week, I’ve had two house guests and SantaConned seven miles with thousands of other Santas. I’ve rock ‘n’ rolled and museumed, entertained and been entertained. I’ve visited my cousin in her new apartment (gorgeous and homey!), hung out with my sister and her kids and my cousin-from-the-other-side, his wife, his daughter and her boyfriend. Tea at Lady Mendl’s for 11. Whew!

I’ve even signed onto yet another dating site. Nerve Dating is in “beta” and I’m already on board. They were the hot spot back in the day, happy hook ups long before was matching or eHarmony was eHarmonizing. I don’t know why they got out of the game but they’re back in now and I’m in, too. Thus far I’ve fielded flirtations from a 58-year-old who’s about as appealing as strep throat and a 31-year-old who’s cute but, well, young. I’m still hoping there’s one guy out there close to my age who doesn’t look 100, isn’t interested in 20-somethings and is up for falling in love with someone like…me. In the meantime, I leave you with my latest hilarity from OKCupid:

hi honey how are young man but i love old woman. if you have time for some fun. im ready now. just tell me baby

My response:

Do you speak English? If you’re interested in older women you shouldn’t call them old. It’s offensive. And I’m not interested in men that young! Have fun!

And his to mine:

😦 my english is to bad im new this country 😦 
im sorry babe im totally fuck it up 😦 
can i compensate this mistake 😦 
you are really shiny im sorry again and again

I could NOT stop laughing! I’m shiny? Shiny! That’s gonna be my new word!

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