No Pants December: Day 19

It warmed up a bit since yesterday’s deep chill but I spent most of my day indoors anyway. I was still mopping up after Saturday’s soiree (and doing dishes) and I made it downstairs to the gym. But tonight I’m headed out to see my friend Martin Dockery’s The Holy Land Experience at the Kraine Theater. No sense in gettin’ too fancy if I’ll only be sitting in the dark (and only walking one city block). Right?

But I want to be semi-festive so I just slipped on a new pair of tights from Joyce Leslie. They were on sale, two pairs for $15; the other pair is black leggings. These tights are bright red with a label that said “Very soft inside.” They weren’t kidding! These tights are lined in fleece! They feel as yummy as my Cashmina sheets! I wore the (same ol’) red shirt (at least it was clean), my black and white swirly skirt and ballet flats. I’ll only be out for two hours so you can bet I’ll be wearing most of the same stuff tomorrow! Woot!

Visit my friend Amber’s NO PANTS 2011 blog.


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