Daily Archives: December 18, 2011

No Pants December: Day 18

I woke up to a filthy floor, a kitchen full of empty beer bottles and the coldest day of the season. So what’d I wear on the coldest day? My shortest skirt! The day’s plans included seeing family that only visits once a year and having tea at Lady Mendl’s. I wanted to look festive without going the totally silly holiday route (I’m saving that for Radio City!) so I paired last night’s tights and a black turtleneck with my Asian print red miniskirt, inherited from my friend Edie. I was about to slip on my ballet flats when I noticed that my tights, which were perfect last night, now had a run up one calk. So I stepped into my Fluevogs instead, a good move, since they kept my legs nice and toasty! I added my velvet jacket for another layer of warmth and climbed into my big black fuzzy coat, the first time I’ve needed such heavy outerwear. It was the perfect winter ensemble…except when I had to sit down and my skirt rode up to, like, my waist! HO!

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