Daily Archives: December 17, 2011

No Pants December: Day 17

It was a long day of cleaning, shopping for groceries and booze, setting up my apartment and getting ready for my party. I was torn between looking goofy (red and white stripey tights, etc.) and elegant. Elegant won out and I went with a black sequin skirt and a sheer black blouse edged in bugle bead fringe that my sister bought me a few years ago. I almost wore sparkly tights but I really stuck to strictly classy: plain black tights and ballet flats. I had hoped to make it to Stimulate or BadAss Burlesque after my soiree, which was scheduled to end at 10, but that was all a total dream. I kicked the final revelers out at 2am. And the place was a disaster but everyone had a blast! 

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