No Pants December: Day 16 + Observations

Ah, one more day of dirty laundry! And doing laundry… It was a blustery day but still pretty warm. I ran some errands and visited my cousin at her new apartment. I wore last night’s tights, my go-to black skirt, a long-sleeved black shirt (not last night’s) and black ballet flats. I switched from shoes to boots later in the evening when the temperature dropped. Not very exciting, but another day!

A few observations, having now successfully made it half the month without pants:

• It’s tough to regulate your weight when you’re wearing nothing but elastic waists! (Okay, mostly elastic waists. Those that aren’t elastic fit below the waistline, which means if they’re fitting tighter, they just ride up higher. Only vaguely discernable. I can see how one might wind up the size of a Macy’s Parade balloon!)
• For the most part, skirts and dresses don’t have pockets. This is a problem for me, since I hate carrying a purse. Luckily my motorcycle jacket has loads of pockets, so it serves as a bag.
• Jeans don’t get runs. And sometimes they’re actually cheaper than tights!
• Unless the skirt or dress I’m wearing is super tight fitting, it’s tough to feel sexy. Feminine, yes, but I believe drapey clothing conceals my curves.
• I’m pretty damn grateful that, thus far, December has been unusually temperate! I have sweater tights at the ready but haven’t had to bust ’em out yet.
• Some of my skirts make me feel kinda frumpy. The comfortable ones are the frumpiest! My go-to skirt is like the skirt version of sweatpants.
• You automatically look more dressed up in a skirt, even if it is frumpy or dirty laundry. Or the same one you’ve been wearing for the last week.
• I don’t have as many skirts as I thought I did! There must be a bunch in storage…or at my parents’. Or perhaps I gave a bunch away?
• I have about 200 pairs of tights. And I never wear any of them. So far I’ve only worn plain black ones and the holiday stripey red and white ones. I have knee sock-like knit, lacy and crochet-y, fishnets in a dozen shades, paisley, leopard, zebra, zigzags, water marbled, sparkles, stripes, diamonds, card suits. I have two pairs of lace tights that I bought in Paris in the 80s that are still in great shape. Then there are the black tights with designs on them: skulls, roses, flames,  ghosts. I should make a project of wearing every pair! Maybe March will be my Month of Tights! Stay tuned…

Visit my friend Amber’s NO PANTS 2011 blog.


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