Daily Archives: December 13, 2011

No Pants December: Day 13

I had to get up at a reasonable hour this morning and get myself ready…for both a lunch date and a video shoot. I couldn’t bear the thought of wearing either of the same black skirts I’ve been falling back on and, since I’d had a shower, I didn’t want to wear dirty-ish laundry. So I pulled my H&M dress out of the closet. It’s a below the knee length super colorful, super comfortable knit item that’s sorta Suessical. I wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to wear on a first date but figured what the hell. And though the instructions for the video shoot had specified “no stripes,” I kinda figured that they meant pin stripes that might moiré. And right I was!

I wore my Fluevogs, which came to just about the same spot on my calves as the dress, so I didn’t need to stress my tights situation much. Those old nylons would do. The date wasn’t a complete disaster. The video shoot went great. (Apparently I have a lot more energy than your average person!) And the ensemble was perfect for the crosstown walk between the two (from 35th St. & 10th Ave. to 44th St. & 3rd) as well as the walk home. It was a gorgeous day and my orange fur coat wonderfully complemented the orange stripes in my dress! Not as festive ho-ho-holiday as I would’ve liked, but it worked! I can’t believe I’ve made it almost two weeks without wearing a pair of jeans.

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