No Pants December: Day 11

After 18 straight hours in platform fuzzy boots yesterday, I was impressed that I even made it out of the house today. I barely managed to struggled into the same stripey tights and holiday socks from Friday night (only slightly soiled!) with the same red Mary Janes. I couldn’t bear the idea of a miniskirt in the cold so I wore my longer black skirt and, yes, the same red shirt as Friday as well. What? I was only out long enough to eat a late brunch and return the hot pink gloves I bought for my SantaCon ensemble but didn’t need. Instead of coming home with cash — which I couldn’t have anyway, since Joyce Leslie will only MAIL you a CHECK for your cash refunds! GAH! — I picked up another one of those awesome $9.99 lace shirts in pumpkin orange. Which means I’ll be able to layer a pink one and an orange one for the next Disorient bash! Huzzah! Now I’m in my snowflake fleece pajamas. Santa is SPENT! Ho ho h..zzzzzz……

Visit my friend Amber’s NO PANTS 2011 blog.


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