Daily Archives: December 9, 2011

No Pants December: Day 9

With the weather finally cooling, it’s feeling more like winter. And tonight I headed out into the brisk December evening to attend the SantaConspiring party in Brooklyn. I was obviously saving my big outfit for the big day, but I wanted to look festive. So I put on a pair of red and white stripey tights, added my new $1.50 socks from KMart and my old red Doc Marten Mary Janes. Voila, holiday magic!

I wore the same old black miniskirt I’ve been dragging out of my closet and a red shirt, also something I’ve had on my back about a dozen times over the last month. It didn’t occur to me when I started on this adventure that I don’t have all that many skirts hanging in my closet! Or dresses! At least not “every day” type skirts. Once I start hitting the serious Christmas parties it will be easier; I can look like a Currier & Ives card in minutes…it’s looking like a normal person that’s a stretch! Anyway, I was glad I got my festive on, cause a few other SantaConspirers did as well! HO HO HO!

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Holiday High Holy Day

In The Church of Abby, there are five high holy days: Halloween, The Mermaid Parade, Burning Man, Mardi Gras and SantaCon, which is tomorrow. Every year I do my best to come up with a new costume for each one — or at least alter an old one enough to make it look new. For this year’s SantaCon I’ve gone a bit…overboard. For whatever reason, I felt compelled to come up with something not just new but different and I was feeling the pink and red, a kind of peppermint flavor theme. I’ve spent the last week running around assembling my ensemble and now I’m stressing out about the final details. A friend came up with the hilarious idea of “peppermint spray” as a parody of pepper spray (too soon? Ho! Never!) so I plan to put some schnapps in a spray bottle. I’ve been glue-gunning an enormous crown; it will be a miracle if it makes it through the day in one piece. I bought two yards of hot pink fake fur and then found the exact jacket I’d envisioned at Trash and Vaudeville. Thankfully someone offered to buy the fur from me so I could afford (well, not really…) to buy the coat. When I picked that up, Jimmy gave me the East Village local discount. Huzzah! I mean HO!

The preparations included assisting other Santas with their costumes and crafting, as well as offering a couch for an out-of-town Santa. Now almost everything is arrayed and ready to go, including a red patent leather bag filled with peppermint hard candies and the Candy Cane Hershey’s Kisses. I still need to run out and figure out my spray booze. And make sure I get a good night’s sleep. Stay tuned to hear all about the whole ho-ho-ho-ing! And photos!