Is Romance in the Air?

I recently hosted another one of my singles’ mixers. It seemed like a success; a few people exchanged numbers. One of my friends opted not to attend, feeling somewhat crestfallen after a less than pleasant blind date. But she called me today to let me know that she met someone last night. This guy sounds promising and my fingers are crossed for her. Another friend opted out as well, still smarting from a short-lived relationship, but attended a party over the weekend and met someone he’s excited to see again.

It may seem overly optimistic to predict a trend based on only two instances but I’m calling it! Perhaps it’s the planets or maybe it’s the holiday season. Whatever the reasons, I sense romance is in the air!

Yesterday I received a mysterious email.:

it was quite by chance that lost in key food I found myself recognizing you in the spice aisle on black Friday. As I later (vanilla extract in basket) stood behind you in the self checkout queue my thoughts danced betwixt, wow her red hair is so long, impressive, nice figure, should I thank her for the mention in the NY mag piece about being razzed floral bouquet in hand or invite her to play some pinball at Manitoba’s, be told off for being so fresh in person. If you’d like to have a beer or play some pinball on a quiet night, let me know.

I responded: Wow. I feel like I’m in a Nora Ephron movie! Or looking on Craigslist at those “Missed Connections” ads! 
If you saw me in Key Food, chances are I wasn’t at my most glamorous, so I appreciate your kind words! Hah! Er, HO HO HO! My long hair is in desperate need of a trim; I’m waiting for my friend who does hair to visit from Marseille! 
Umm…I would be up for pinball and a beer at Manitoba’s any time. (Well, ALMOST any time…my tendency to over schedule myself goes against my ability to be spontaneous…) 

Way back in the springtime I wrote a “Sex Diary.” It was more like a “no sex diary.” The New York Magazine feature is a week-long diary chronicling the sexual activities — or in my case, the lack thereof — of the writers. I felt compelled to contribute my non-sex week mostly to drive home the point that not everyone is getting laid every fucking minute and that those of us who are 50-plus and single experience even less action. Not like that’s new to you, my dear readers! Anyway, the “assignment” is to write down not only sex acts but include masturbation and flirtation. I found myself really “reaching” and, at one point, mentioned receiving an email on OKCupid from a handsome man I’d passed on the street. His email:

I am (insert high percentage point here) sure I saw you and made eye contact with a smirk on my face last thursday or friday, I had a bouquet of flowers it was 1st and 5th street and the cops had just razzed me, so the smirk was a combo of them and my fixation on your body….hello.

I wrote back: Hah! I actually recall seeing you! I wondered who you were taking the flowers to, thinking she was a lucky woman!

As I wrote in the Sex Diary, I was flattered that the guy not only was fixated on my body but that he was able to find me amidst the thousands of women on OkCupid and recognize me by my kooky photo! Miraculously, he spotted me again. And it sounds like he’s still inspired by my body. Nice!

As I wrote in my response to him yesterday, it really was like one of those “Missed Connections” ads on Craigslist: “You were on line at Key Food, I was buying vanilla extract.” I’ve often wondered if any of those people ever find each other. I’ve been really working at “focusing outward” lately yet have resisted simply striking up a conversation with someone I found attractive, only to regret it later. I’m afraid to come across as crazy…or desperate. Why do we hold ourselves back this way? In New York City, it could be because who has time to talk to every person they pass? (Or find attractive, for that matter!) So striking up conversations with strangers is frowned upon. But it happens all the time. I bet in all those “how to pick up chicks” books, casual conversation is the rule of thumb. I could always ask for the time…or directions. It is a means to an end. So although it may feel contrived or, like those books may be, insincere, in the pursuit of meeting more of my fellow man, I’m going to strive to speak to more strangers. Handsome strangers!

2 responses to “Is Romance in the Air?

  1. Any guy who is buying vanilla extract can’t be all bad!

  2. romance very well might be in the air! i know that i am experiencing some of the love, at least…

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