Daily Archives: December 6, 2011

No Pants December: Day 6

After lingering in bed longer than I should have (see previous post about adorable puppy and add in the new sheets my mom bought me: CASHMINA! Like sleeping inside a stuffed animal!) I jumped into the shower contemplating what sort of ensemble to wear today. Again, my lazy ass would’ve ordinarily slipped into already-worn jeans for a day of errand running, SantaCon costume shopping and having a few friends over for party plotting. It’s still unseasonably warm out so no need to bundle up quite yet, though the weather report says that’s imminent. I wound up putting together what could actually be considered an appropriate “work outfit”: a below the knee black skirt and a long-sleeved shirt with little flowers on it. I spent far too long searching my tights bin to find a pair of “normal” nylons. When I finally fished out a black pair, they had a run — with nail polish halting it’s progress — almost to the knee. Guess that means I’ll be wearing boots! Instead of rockin’ my Fluevogs, I went with an old, broken in pair of black boots that come up to just below the knee, sufficiently concealing the run. It’s also a bit rainy out there, so I’ll top it all off with my long black raincoat from Le Chateau, circa 1993.

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