No Pants December: Day 4

Okay, it will become obvious soon enough that I am an extremely lazy dresser. Especially if I’m not going anywhere, well, you know, fancy. Amber’s right: jeans make you lazy. Or allow you to be lazy! Today I woke up with a hangover and, again, would’ve ordinarily chosen from a pile of less-than-clean denim for my day of errands, brunching, shopping and crafting. Instead I just slipped back into the same exact outfit I wore yesterday. And since the ballet flats were just sitting there… Talk about lazy!

By the end of the day, I was so disgusted with the stretched out waist band of the tights and how they’d been sagging off my ass all damn day (and the day before!) that I chucked them into the trash. The skirt will probably meet the same fate. Guess that’s what happens when I spend $3 on a skirt at Ross’s Dress for Less!

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One response to “No Pants December: Day 4

  1. Forty-seven miles out to the sea,
    Santa Catalina is the place for me
    It’s the island, the island of
    No pants!
    No pants! No pants! No pants!

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