No Pants December: Day 1

In solidarity with my friend Amber and her “No Pants 2011” crusade, I’ve committed to one month of not wearing pants. My “No Pants December” started today! I’ll admit to spending most of the day in gym clothes, cleaning my apartment and working out. But when it came time to entertain, I slipped into a pair of burgundy tights and a stretchy, frilly, flamenco-y shirt that was exactly the same color. I broke up the burgundy with a pair of black wool shorts.

Amber has eschewed shorts but in my book, if they aren’t pants, well, they aren’t pants! I finished the ensemble off with black ballet flats. Once my cocktail soiree was over and I was ready to head out to a rock ‘n’ roll party, I switched out of the flats and into a pair of knee-high black Fleuvog boots. Badass!


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