Daily Archives: November 21, 2011

Pro. Active.

Yes, it’s been a whirlwind since I got home, a blustery love affair with New York City! I’ve over scheduled just about every second: seeing friends, making meetings, mostly dull blind dates and the occasional party. This weekend was especially entertaining.

On Friday, I started with drinks at Cowgirl Hall of Fame with Corinne. She brought along Maria and we dished about post-Guccione Penthouse. I grabbed a cab to Soho and met Sandra at Charles Gatewood‘s photo show. I enjoyed a few penis cookies and vodka cocktails served up by an adorable gay boy.

We regrouped at my apartment before we headed out to the grand opening of Ludlow Manor, a 9,000-square-foot shopping mall of a club, co-owned by my friends Georgie Seville and Luc Carl. The place is truly cavernous. I mean HUGE! Three stories of brand spanking new space. Wow. While enjoying the open bar and delicious passed hors d’oeuvres, I perched on the back of a couch, only to be screamed at by the yuppie harpy sitting on the seat of the couch. Before I knew it I was being kicked out of the club. Kicked out! I didn’t even know what I’d done! I have to say, it was kind of exciting. I can’t recall the last time I was ejected from an establishment. It felt like the old days! Sandra managed to get back inside and, when she encountered the woman who’d freaked out, threw a glass of wine in her face. “Don’t fuck with me,” she told the cranky yuppie, “and don’t fuck with my friends!” As the bouncers closed in to escort her out she told them , “Don’t bother, I’m leaving!” Clearly we aren’t suitable for such fancy places.

I bumbled home and was about to slip into my jammies with Corinne called with a potential business proposition. That entailed a trip to a Soho hotel where I wound up passing out on the bed before she shepherded me to Double Down for a nightcap. Hic!

Saturday night started right back where Friday ended — Double Down — where I met up with a guy from SeniorPeopleMeet. The fact that he had not only heard of Burning Man but had actually been was encouraging and I enjoyed his company. He drove us to A Cavallo’s “TrashBall” in Williamsburg, where the theme was, aptly, garbage. The decor was a disaster, the costumes were totally trashy and the place was packed with sweaty participants. It was awesome! I managed to make it back to my apartment through the throngs of drunken Saturday night revelers on the streets and subway sometime around 4:30am.

And now I’m hard at work, emailing away about my upcoming storytelling appearance at Bare on the 28th, my next Singles’ Mixer on December 1st and my excitement about SantaCon, one of my high holy days. The morning began with not one but two 20-somethings telling me how attractive I am on OKCupid. I suppose I shouldn’t take them too to heart, since one is in Croatia and the other’s in the Ukraine. Ha! I’ll take whatever encouragement I get!

Oh, and if I haven’t said it enough — and punctuated it with an overabundance of exclamation points! — I am loving being back in New York City! One of the (many) ways I feel it parallels my other “home” in Black Rock City is that at it’s very worst it is still the best! The bustling sidewalks, the babble of every imaginable language, people so fashionably oblivious to fashion, all of it! So onward, into the holiday season!