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Monday Musings

Still feeling scattered…some random Monday stuff:

If I haven’t made it abundantly clear, I am REALLY happy to be back in NYC! I lovelovelove this city! The weather has been stunning — colorful, sunny fall days — plus I got some paid work. And right in the middle of it all, I was lucky enough to tag along with Jamye Waxman and Gram Ponante for the Fleshbot Awards. They were awesome! I should be writing about the show soon. (Tomorrow I hope to — finally — have interwebs in my apartment!)

I’ve been scrambling to start a dozen new projects and, thus far, haven’t gotten very far. Having those interwebs will certainly help. I feel like I’m percolating all kinds of interesting ideas! I’ve had a few books in the works for years and will finally get them into cyber-print. I’m planning another one of my singles’ mixers for later this month in my attempt to bring dating from the internet to something more brick-and-mortar. I’m hoping to plan a biggish event for February.

Plus I’ve been re-establishing myself in my apartment. After the past two years thinking I might’ve needed to sell it, my sister helped me hang onto it, so I can finally unpack my boxes of stuff. Though I’ve kinda gotten used to the starkness. I put my lady head vase collection back in my apothecary shelves and all I could think was, “Man, I can’t bring any dates home with me or they’re gonna think I’m insane!” Hmm…

Which leads me to my new puppy! Scribble is one pound, eight ounces of adorable Poodle deliciousness! And so much fun! Seriously, I’m now eager to get home and hang out with her. I know there are guys who can’t tolerate tiny dogs, so she may be a deal breaker for prospective suitors but, oh well!

On that topic, I continue my search for romance (or, more realistically, a free meal…or beer) with the online dating. Every day brings another idiot into my life! If I were totally serious about this it would be downright depressing. (Am I repeating myself?) It’s a good thing I have a sense of humor. Oy. Check out a few of the latest, with my editorializings:

Best new profiles on SPM:
No photo and his “interests” were listed as my grand kids my kids also fishing. Uh, yeah.

Another without a photo and Free to do when and where I choose to and to injoy doing it with the person i am with. Injoy? Really?

i like walks in the going to dinner movies concerts At least this guy had a photo.

I wasn’t sure if this guy was fucking with me or if he was actually interested. Either way, he come off like an asshole: Just wondering what your view of “Luddite” is..guess your one too, since your on this site !!..kill me,,naww ..never happen…and on that note got my two cents in and have fun…

Other jackass on SPM:
hello ladys…i’m 6’/205 lbs in decent shape,blue eyes/brown hair…single, happy and healthy…i live alone and have a great job(engineer)…down to earth , a lot of fun and i like to stay active…i’m looking for a new friend who’s fairly local, attractive and outgoing with similar interest and some fire in her soul – someone i can hookup with , meet for drinks, go to dinner, sporting event, concert or a trip to the casino…
His message to me:
cool profile – i’d fuck you…lol….i’d do it just to see the rest of that belly tattoo….
Wow! Awesome! I can’t wait!

And the guy I had dinner with last week? Here’s our latest (and, I’m assuming, final) exchange:

I didn’t know what to expect.  I was a little suprised at how tall you were. What I do notice from your email is that each of us has their own gremlins. What you worry about, I don’t and what I worried about you don’t. I think you did fine.  
Here’s some feedback. I want to meet a financially independent woman. I supported my wife who claimed to interested in working and helping to support the family but that turned out to be a pile of shit. So, I was interested in that aspect of the date. At the time, I thought that you appeared to be on a limited budget so, I offered to pay. I think most men will offer to pay. So, this may not be an issue for you with other men.  
As far as “not as different is concerned”, it is hard to grow up in the 60’s and not have met some very different and interesting women. You are not the “most different” person I met. Actually the most different for me, is a dedicated church going evangelical. Is that you? I tried to let you know that I wasn’t that different by telling you story of Watkins Glen (Greatful Dead, etc) and Woodstock. Was I wrong?  
I think women are more uptight about conversation not flowing than men are. It is almost universally the answer I see on OKC. My answer for what is worse on a first date, no physical attraction or no conversation? My answer is no physical attraction. 
I like feedback as well.  so pour it on.  
I am going out of town the week after thanks giving.  I may be in Binghamton the following week. That is the last week of hunting season. I would like to try to get a deer if I don’t get one next week.

Wow. Okay.
I would’ve been a bit happier to pay for my meal if I’d had some say in where we dined. You did chose a particularly expensive restaurant. I apologize for being less well off than you. And for being tall. If believe if you’d looked at my profile a bit more closely you might’ve seen how tall I was, that I’m a freelance writer and part time Burning Man employee, which sort of says “I don’t make a lot of money,” and seen my tattoos.
The fact that you keep bringing up Woodstock only further proves my original assessment: you are way too square for me, as well as for any of my friends. I grew up in the 60s too, but I wasn’t old enough to DATE during them. In other words, you ARE different. From me. And hunting season? Seriously? You actually go out and kill animals for sport? I’m no vegetarian but, again, wow.
I wish you the best in your search.

I love that he misspelled Grateful Dead. Hah! I love that he picked a restaurant where the appetizers cost $20 but would’ve preferred that I pay my half of the bill. Ooooookay! Sooo sorry his marriage turned out to be a pile of shit! Though I can’t say I’m surprised. Ack!