Feeling Strong, Now!

Okay, so I’m feeling a little bit better today…the fact that my Mac crashed and cost me a cool $450 (that I totally cannot afford) to fix might have factored into my funk. Thank yous to The Poet, E and Ironman for their kind words. My editor of the “published piece” has advised me not to directly address reader responses. I couldn’t help myself. So from a more positive perspective, I’d like to address some of those insensitive comments here:

bah, she’s the same age as my mom.

Oh. So does that mean that because you can’t imagine your mom having (or enjoying) sex that all women your mom’s age shouldn’t?

Anyone who refers to themselves as “legend”, in or out of print, is anything but a legend.

Uh, I didn’t refer to myself as a legend. It was a comment from a friend who I was quoting. Agreed, a bit self-congratulatory.

WOW! I know who this writer is. She is a drugged up self absorbed Burning Man type.

Yes, yes, she most certainly is! Okay, I’m not completely and totally self-absorbed. And not perpetually drugged-up. Burning Man type? Most definitely.

why is a 52 year old living in the east village? I live in the east village and feel like I’m old enough to be the parent of most of the kids I see walking around. Dude, I’m still in my 20s. Note to writer. Move to UES, and buy a couple cats.

Let’s see. How many things are wrong with this comment? Is there an age limit for living in the East Village? I see plenty of ancient folks pushing their walkers around here. Clearly the commenter can’t afford to live here, which is why I live here. I wouldn’t live on the Upper East Side if it were free! Idiot. But you’re still in your 20s, so perhaps that’s a given…

OMG.. I’m not even sure what I want my sex life to be like when I’m 52. I would rather just be super super super rich and not have one. 

Well, having a sex life is certainly preferable to not having one. And you can’t blame anyone for wanting one! If you’d rather be “super super super rich,” good luck to you! It’s easier for a 52-year-old to get laid than to magically become “super super super rich.”

I know we’re always being told to applaud the older set for trying to be sexual, it’s just kind of gross.

Well, I hope that when you reach 50, your sex life is zilch, zero, zip, nada! Cause that would be, ya know, gross. Karma is a bitch!

And lastly, one comment came from a fellow blogger:
interesting. single and 52 has more masturbating and sexual experimentation than single and 25. i can’t tell whether i’m worried, amused, sympathetic or vaguely grossed out.

I gave her a comment on her blog:
I hope things work out between you and your new boyfriend. If they don’t, you may find yourself single…perhaps even at 52.
I would never have imagined I’d be single and 52, I’ll tell you that! I’ve had a number of boyfriends and was married for a long time but, well, life happens. I sure as hell have had a fucking wild ride (both literally and figuratively) and wouldn’t change a thing.
The fact that you’d feel ANY of those things at the mere thought of a 52-year-old experimenting sexually just points to your young age and relative inexperience. Most “olds” are stuck in miserable sexless marriages. No one knows what the future will bring. You might want to be careful about what you make fun of. Cause 25 years from now, you could be ME! Bwahahahah!

Honestly, the more I look at these immature responses the better I feel. I’m sure I would’ve been disgusted by horny 50-year-olds when I was in my 20s but I would’ve been a bit more sensitive if I’d been addressing their sex lives. Or lack thereof. Ideally, I’ll have a whole new story to tell by the time I get back from the playa!

2 responses to “Feeling Strong, Now!

  1. That’s a great attitude. I read your “published piece” and commented on it. None of my comments were included here, but I can see them being construed as immature. Apologies if any were hurtful. I try to separate the text from the writer, snarking on the text while keeping my opinions of the writer *a bit* more respectful. But everyone approaches it differently. Week-in and week-out some people offer the same type of speculative, mean, and/or ultimately pointless criticisms. That’s just the nature of the beast; a bunch of anonymous people coming together to riff on another (supposedly) anonymous person’s life. It’s all supposed to be in good fun.

    From your internet presence, you actually seem like a much more sexually charged person than what came across in the “piece.” When there’s an informational void people fill it with their own preconceptions. Most readers probably read “52-year-old woman” and immediately went for their “spinster” or “mom” gestalt, which was unfair to you. You seem significantly more vibrant, quirky, fun, and — I have to say it — attractive than either of those stereotypes would suggest. (You know what they say about assumptions…)

    Anyway, thanks for writing it. I hope you don’t mind me commenting on your blog. It was mentioned to me through my network of acquaintances from that other site and after reading your thoughts I wanted to drop you a line. Be easy.

  2. It’s women like you for who the term “MILF” was coined. I was beating it to magazines like 40+ when I was 18 years old, and you could have been the covergirl. To find that the voice of the 20s is so discouraging is…well, it’s discouraging. But perhaps they’ll live to their 40s, 50s, 60s and find they’re still needing physical intimacy and passion, just like everyone else.

    Then again, look at your immediate peerage – how many of them would you wanna fuck? Well, so not the highest % of them have taken as much care of their bodies as you, or been as gifted with genes. I wish them all luck.

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