Sunshine & Poetry

I had lunch today with The Poet. It was our most enjoyable afternoon yet. The first “date” was the most awkward, being a blind date and all. He brought me to tears. Our second meeting wasn’t really a date, since we’d decided that we’d be friends and nothing more. I brought him to tears. Today there were no tears. Just a whole lot of deep discussion, advice and conjecture. And lunch! And errands! And iced coffee in the park! It was probably the most beautiful day of the year and I was happy to have someone to share it with. It doesn’t hurt that The Poet says very nice things to me. (Or that he buys lunch. Thank you!)

He’s been a long-time reader of my blog and I asked for his advice on a specific situation that’s been kinda hangin’ me up and holdin’ me back. I’m not quite ready to act on his advice but at least I’ve got my motivations straight and know that when I do, my head and heart will both be in the right place.

For now, I’m feeling spent and ready to sleep. Another big day tomorrow of logistics at my sister’s new apartment, trying to get these two dogs adopted and a crafting gathering with friends to work on our Mermaid Parade costumes! For now, I’ll leave you with the latest from The Poet:

When I first met sweet Abby
She claimed forty-nine
As her age on a profile
Her pictures divine

We had a few laughs
And more serious thoughts
While chatting online
True lovers we sought

We talked of romance
And the smells of attraction
And of heartache and longing
Of desires and passion

We had two friendly lunches
On sunny weekdays
And then I soon learned
She had a birthday in May

The friends celebrated
No time for her slumber
They shared in her birthday
Seems fifty-two is the number

I must honestly say
That she looks great even now
She is sexy and stacked
Not a hint of a dowd

So when you see Abby
Tell her she smells great
And don’t be surprised
If she looks thirty-eight.

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