Figment & Broadway & Mars, Oh My!

It has been a busy week! Wrapping up signage for Figment, helping my sister by sweating in her apartment with no air conditioning on the hottest day of the year, unpacking all her new dishes and glasses, shlepping to Bed Bath & Beyond to buy sheets and blankets (Have you shopped for that stuff lately? Sheets are expensive!), arranging her flat screen TV to be installed, going over the list of things in the place that needed to be fixed. Like the AC! Oh, did I mention it’s a brand new building! And it cost a fucking fortune? You’d think everything would be perfect. Well you’d be WRONG!

Anyway. She paid me for all that help, which is a big help. I’ve been living off my parents for months (among other things…and the occasional gig) so any income is welcome. But back to my busy week! Figment was a big job, with multiple aggravations. In the end, everyone loved the signs. I’m still waiting for my tickertape parade!

Friday night was beers on my roof deck. It was a perfect evening — not too hot, not too cold. The weather has been insanely changeable. Saturday I made it out to the island early so I could see the event in action before I had to be in Times Square for Book of Mormon. Wow. It was amazing! Great music, hilarious script, incredible performances and surprisingly inspiring. From there it was 11 kids being shepherded through expensive shops and then to Mars 2112. Loud. Very loud. I was exhausted and retired to my couch to watch the Saturday Night Live re-run.

Today I dashed out to meet the Conte posse for breakfast, all of us crammed into diner booths. A cloudy day and a trip to the island to get reimbursed for art supplies turned into a longer  afternoon and sunshine. That was followed by the big “Thank You” afterparty at Beckett’s, which was most enjoyable. Now I’m home and, again, exhausted. I need to go back out to the island tomorrow and make sure our signs are stored. And make one more. Then it will really be a wrap!

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