0% Match…Indeed!

Against my better judgement, I’m back on OkCupid. It was mostly to stay in touch with the interesting South Dakotan. I haven’t received many emails since  re-joining but there’s been a steady stream of gentlemen visiting my profile. Today I made the mistake of emailing a pleasant looking gentleman. He’d checked me out in the past and hadn’t yet filled out his profile, which makes him a 0%, 0%, 0% match. But I reached out anyway. Stupidity ensued:

So! You still haven’t filled out your profile…but I know you’ve been on here a while. Why the reluctance? Interested enough to get coffee? Or a beer?
Don’t be shy!

Resourceful, warm, normal, yes-have a job, intelligent (if I can be the judge), giving, can fix anything/very handy, articulate, little baggage, independent, world’s second greatest lover, prefer a simple life, environmentally aware, progressive leanings PERSISTENT, a Westchester boy who moved to Manhattan, not a foodie, PROGRESSIVE leanings. [I guess he has progressive leanings!]

Glad to hear you’re not a foodie. Such know-it-alls! I enjoy a good corn dog on occasion!
Soooo….What are you up to tomorrow night? There’s a fun event on Orchard St. that I’ll be attending. Am I being too forward? This site has been (mostly) a disappointment as far as romance goes so at this point I’m happy to meet like-minded folks and try friendship first!
Let me know if you’d be up for tomorrow night or something some other time!

Are you ALSO a love makin fool?

Uh, only when I’m in love, I guess…

Are you in love w/me? Cuz if you are….have I got a plan for you!!!!

Hmm, I had merely suggested getting a beer or coffee. Not quite sure why you chose to introduce the love making topic. And no, I’m not in love with you.


Is it just me or was that a peculiar exchange? What a shame, cause he had a nice smile…I’m still holding out hope for The Artist….He sent me this email last night:

Hey beautiful.
We’ll see!

One response to “0% Match…Indeed!

  1. Just Passing By

    I don’t see the exchange as all that peculiar. Rather I think he was attempting to use humor in a befuddled attempt to catch up to you in exclamation points. Oh, whoops. I mean exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What do I mean? Go back and look at the syntax. The fact that you got someone who has not even filled out their profile to write anything at all is a pure miracle. Clearly you are a wordie!

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