Daily Archives: June 6, 2011

Dick Pix

So with Anthony Weiner’s member making headlines, friends have been asking if I’ve blogged about it or otherwise weighed in with an opinion. I’m usually not one to write a post just to be au courant but I suppose since penis pictures have raised my ire, I ought to at least say something.

How’s this? Men are idiots. Okay, politicians are idiots. Nah, it’s all men.

If you’ve been reading, you know my opinion about cocks and cameras. From shooting sexy self-portraits in their bathroom mirrors to posting the pix on dating sites, emailing their exposed genitalia or texting the bulge in their underwear, it seems men believe women are genuinely enthusiastic about seeing their disembodied dicks. I’ve done loads of informal polling and have yet to find a woman who is, in fact, interested. Has anyone received a prick in their inbox and felt inspired to meet it in person? I doubt it. Even the biggest size queen can easily ascertain if a man is well-endowed before jumping into bed with him without relying upon electronic proof.

As far as Weiner’s weiner (ya just can’t not say it, right?), it’s gotten him in a heap of trouble, more because it is evidence of his poor judgement than anything else. Did he really believe those strange women would keep his secret? It boggles the mind! At the very least, I hope this entire scandal serves as a lesson to other men: Do not, repeat DO NOT, share photos of your penis with anyone. Ever. Save that oversharing for your brick-and-mortar intimacy. I would add “Don’t be an idiot,” but it seems that’s unavoidable.