Speaking of Old…

…about 24 hours ago I created a profile for myself on SeniorPeopleMeet.com. I KNOW! As much as I may fight it, deny it or ignore it, the fact is…umm, I ain’t young! Their “about” copy says the site is for singles over 55 so I figured, what the hell! At least there won’t be any 20-somethings asking me if I’m looking for a boy toy! There doesn’t seem to be an actual age threshold, meaning you don’t need to be a certain age to join. The age range of my “match criteria” is 42-57 but I doubt that there are any 42-year-olds on there. In fact, there probably aren’t any men below the age of 60, now that I think about it. Who else would be shopping online for broads over 50?

In my “A little about me…” I made it very clear that I had just found the site and hadn’t joined yet, so anyone attempting to contact me wouldn’t be able to reach me. I even made a joke about it, saying it would be a test to see how many people actually read the profiles. Sadly, the invisible editors at SeniorPeopleMeet censored me. Perhaps they don’t want the thousands of salivating seniors, eager to get their wrinkled paws on me, to know that their cyber-advances would be falling on deaf ears. Or wind up in the dead email office. Or some such corny mixed metaphor.

They also deleted the text I put into the “I’d just like to add…” box. I believe it was something along the lines of “Google me,” with a few more words about how I’m available online pretty much everywhere. They thoughtfully left my “About the one I’m looking for…” You’d better be a VERY young old person! I have never dated anyone older than me, at least not since before I got my driver’s license. I have an exciting life that I’d love to share but I don’t want it to kill anyone! Bwahahaha!

Even with my severely abbreviated “Greeting,” over the past 24 hours I have been “viewed” 100 times, “fav’ed” by three guys, received 20 email messages and been “flirted” with a dozen times. Unfortunately I can’t see who’s interested. I can’t read their emails. And I can’t flirt back. Because I haven’t paid to “upgrade.” These web sites say “Join free!” but the only thing you can do for free is, yes, join. Not much else. I’m seriously thinking about forking over the $59.94 for six months just for the sheer hilarity. I mean, check out these mugshots:

They’re enough to make me want to say yes to one of those 20-somethings!

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