Daily Archives: May 25, 2011

Hard Work, No Pay

I’ve been working my ass off lately. That means five or six hours, two or three days a week. It isn’t exactly grueling but it’s more work than I’ve been doing. And it’s not for pay. I’ve really been enjoying it, though. I find that I enjoy working for free more than I do for money. I wish I knew why that is.

The work is for an arts festival on Governors Island called Figment. We get a portion of the island from May 27 till September 25 and then take over the entire island for the weekend of June 10, 11, 12. I’m in charge of signage, which just so happens to be the job I do for Burning Man. My DPW Sign Crew gets a huge budget and we do our job like a well-oiled machine. This organization hasn’t run quite as smoothly. My crew, however, is awesome and I’m having a blast working with them. We’ve been operating somewhat autonomously.  And our finished product looks damn impressive!

Tomorrow we install the signs needed for Memorial Day weekend and the island’s opening to the public. Everything’s coming together pretty well. We have a bunch more work to do before the official festival but I’m sure we’ll get it all done. There have been glitches and I’m sure there will be some more. But the bottom line is, we’re volunteers. And we’re doing the best we can. I’ve been a little shocked at how we’ve been treated. Certainly not as well as people working this hard — and this long — out of the goodness of their hearts, should be. No money, little recognition, scant thanks. I think we get a t-shirt. All I can say is I’m damn glad I’ve pulled together a crew of people I enjoy.

After my summer’s over and I’ve wrapped up my season with Burning Man, maybe I’ll try and find some work that doesn’t pay. Perhaps money to live on can come from somewhere else. I can imagine doing volunteer work for the rest of my life if I manage to find a man who can support me. Does that sound crazy? I mean, I know plenty of women out there don’t work. There must be some great guy who’d love to share my awesome East Village apartment and take good care of me! Maybe I should make finding him my job!