Daily Archives: May 11, 2011

Random Ramblings

Yes, cheating is all the rage! Ashley Madison has been in the news a lot lately, which was how I wound up joining the site. Last night a “cheating” web site was a subject in the plot of CBS’s “The Good Wife.” If you’re unfamiliar, the protagonist, played by Julianna Margulies, has a philandering husband. In last night’s episode she was defending a client, played by the delicious Sarah Silverman, in a lawsuit holding her responsible for the death of a member of her web site, Side Adventures, a cheating web site based, of course, on Ashley Madison.

Silverman’s character delivered convincing lines about open marriages and jealousy. She also made a great case for the use of a cheating web site. Having just deactivated my profile, I was already experiencing withdrawals. More on that another time.

Also on TV last night, a story about how birth control can ruin your marriage. Research suggests that the pill and other hormonal interventions may be the cause of women’s “loss of interest,” which may lead to divorce. Yeah, that’s right, blame it on women! It’s the hormones, not husbands’ paunch or hairy ears or whatever. Yup. That’s it!

While I can understand the connection between hormones and arousal (read a bit about it here), my personal experience was always pretty positive. Not needing to worry about pregnancy allowed for a sense of freedom that certainly enhanced my “arousal.” The studies about how the pill affects “how sexy a man smells” make sense, too, and are further proof of why online dating is such a crap shoot. (I know, it’s a leap, from contraception to OkCupid, but you get my drift. Right?)

Anyway, everything I’ve been writing about — and thinking about — lately makes me wish I’d majored in Sociology instead of Journalism and become someone who studies human behavior. I find it endlessly fascinating. I suppose it’s never too late to change “careers.” Uh-oh.

Okay, now I’ve got to go find something as least as distracting as clicking on OkCupid and Ashley Madison every five seconds has managed to be…