Daily Archives: May 1, 2011

On Sunshine, Staying Tuned and Second Dates

Dear Steve Jobs,
Please make a laptop that can be used in the sunshine. I love to blog but don’t want to spend all my sunny days indoors!

Dear Readers,
I still need to tell you all about Friday and its cognitive dissonance. Saturday night had a bit of mind-bending time-travel too. And I’ve been compiling more married “members” that I plan to serve up with guffaw-inducing editorializing. These posts must be mulled over and well-crafted!  Stay tuned.

And if you think it’s a slow news day for EditrixAbby, I’m going on a date. A second date. Yes, someone actually enjoyed my company enough to want more. No, he’s not married. He’s also not a gnome, an old man, a 20-something looking to fulfill his “best friend’s mom” fantasies, a functional illiterate, a swinger, a polyamorous bi-sexual crossdresser or the friend of a friend of a friend. You’ll probably only hear details if it’s a total disaster. Which I obviously hope it won’t be. Wish me luck!