Fuck Facebook, Redux

Why would I think that WordPress would do anything evil? Well, when I saw their “Publicize” link, I clicked on it. Easy enough: enable Twitter and Facebook to be connected to my blog. I guess. But when I got to the Facebook page it of course said that clicking “Allow” would mean that all sorts of things would just automatically be okay. I wasn’t cool with that. So I opted out. Or tried to. It has taken me a few hours of clicking, canceling, restarting my computer and other irritations to be able to actually post again. Bah! See below for more Facebook bullshit:

To enable Publicize: Facebook, you will need to authorize your WordPress.com account onWelcome to My Words! to connect with your Facebook account.

Clicking the link below will take you to Facebook where you will need to log in and click “allow” several times.

Authorize connection with Facebook

Um, WHAT? I have to click “Allow” not just once but “several times?” Fuck that. Okay, now I’m gonna go actually write my post.


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