Daily Archives: March 25, 2011

Fuck Facebook, Redux

Why would I think that WordPress would do anything evil? Well, when I saw their “Publicize” link, I clicked on it. Easy enough: enable Twitter and Facebook to be connected to my blog. I guess. But when I got to the Facebook page it of course said that clicking “Allow” would mean that all sorts of things would just automatically be okay. I wasn’t cool with that. So I opted out. Or tried to. It has taken me a few hours of clicking, canceling, restarting my computer and other irritations to be able to actually post again. Bah! See below for more Facebook bullshit:

To enable Publicize: Facebook, you will need to authorize your WordPress.com account onWelcome to My Words! to connect with your Facebook account.

Clicking the link below will take you to Facebook where you will need to log in and click “allow” several times.

Authorize connection with Facebook

Um, WHAT? I have to click “Allow” not just once but “several times?” Fuck that. Okay, now I’m gonna go actually write my post.


Administer Soup, STAT!

It is very difficult to stomach other peoples’ happiness when one is feeling miserable. The miserable one in question here is me.  I’m hoping it’s my current sickness that’s contributing to my misery — and my irritation — but man, Facebook doesn’t make it any easier. Happy couples I don’t even know make me want to throw my laptop out the window. Even though I just returned from a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Tanzania, I find looking a photos of others’ sunshiney vacation pix oddly unnerving. I’ve already turned off the “Most Recent” option in favor of the “Top News” one, mostly because I couldn’t take hearing about every new “friend” people added or whatever. It seems like everyone I know is making a movie or writing a book or accomplishing something similarly impressive. I’m impressed that I’ve been upright long enough to type this!

I hate to sound like such a bummer. I obviously need to eat something more substantial than crackers or chips but I haven’t had the energy to drag my ass to the grocery store. I think I may have to force myself… I believe a can of vegetable beef with barley will improve my disposition considerably. Some double chocolate chunk cookies probably couldn’t hurt either! Hmm, maybe I’m feeling better!