The More Things Change…

I suppose there’s no need to even complete the sentence. Things are the same. Well, mostly. Yes, my sister is in the throes of a contentious divorce, which has recently become even more so due to some seriously unexpected surprises. Back in NYC, the same parade of parties is marching by. My bills are still all overdue. I do kinda love how there’s no longer a need to “set your clocks ahead” since every “time piece” I use is automatically set by some mysterious satellite in the sky. One of my favorite OkCupid jackasses is back online again with yet another screen name, this time holyshitzitsu. I have managed to find gainful employment, if only marginally (both gainful: $7 per hour, not even minimum wage and employment: a mere 10 hours per week). I’m getting back in touch with my apartment, scrubbing and sleeping and watching NY1. And downloading photos from my travels. (They are surprisingly terrible…perhaps a fancier camera would’ve been a good idea for a once-in-a-lifetime safari!) I’m also facing the somewhat daunting task of “back-blogging” about the trip. Even writing daily is often difficult. It’s also nice to get back to the gym and between crouching to scrub and stretching, I am sooooore! I’m even forcing myself back into the dating game; last night I met a man with whom I have almost nothing in common for what reason I’m not quite sure. It was great to hear him tell me I looked tired and point out how puffy my eyes were. Sigh.

Anyway, welcome back to me as I slog through returning to the rhythm of my life. I’m wondering what the summer will be like as our family’s annual trip to North Carolina has been reduced to one week and will be melded with a new family along with my sister’s strange relationship. And what about Burning Man? Since this recent gig is certainly not enough to keep me in the city, it looks like I’ll be managing the Sign Shop again, perhaps against my better judgement. Last year was my most miserable ever and I’m struggling to figure out how to make the upcoming season less so. The fact that the ex-boyfriend will no doubt be on the crew now that he’s unemployed (or at least was last I heard) should make for a decidedly tense situation. Double sigh.

I think I’ll go watch The View…


One response to “The More Things Change…

  1. nice to have you back 🙂

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