Daily Archives: February 22, 2011

Strenuous Hiking and Fresh Sashimi

We were woken up with a gentle “Good morning!” and another tray of hot coffee. Man, I could get used to this! Breakfast was all seven guests plus our hosts, Klaus and Jill, and we hung out at the table while we awaited word from the chimp trackers. Once they’d sent word, we started our hike up into the hills in search of the chimps. It was a fairly strenuous climb, up slippery, muddy hills and over bubbling streams. Mom persevered impressively but eventually broke off and wound up seeing “Darwin” while the four of us saw “Mama Christine,” her son Christmas and her two-week old baby. Loey and I opted to trek back and meet up with mom, which required a long but relatively flat hike to the shore, where we were met with a dhow — and beers! — for a ride back to camp and lunch.

All three of us opted out of the afternoon hike and took naps instead. This place is having an oddly narcotic effect upon me; I feel drugged…or lulled…. When happy hour rolled around we were more than ready! Up on the beautiful hillside  bar, we enjoyed a curious chip/puff pastry hybrid with an interesting African salsa and sashimi from fish caught fresh from the lake. After cocktail hour, dinner was more of the same fish, deliciously prepared, with spiced rice, vegetables, soup and the amazingly mouth-watering bananafee pie for desert. We sat by the fire for a while before being led back to our banda.