Sunrise on the Serengeti, Moon Over Mahale

We woke up at sunrise to our tray of coffee and cookies and packed up our bags.

After a quick breakfast, Silva drove us to the airstrip and off we flew, just the three of us, landing less than two hours later at the Kigoma Airstrip. At the end of the airstrip we boarded a dhow bound for Greystoke Mahale. It was over an hour-long trip but there was beer! And a picnic lunch!

As we disembarked on the shore of Lake Tanganyika, we were welcomed at camp by the staff. There was some time to relax and enjoy a tea-time beer before we were led on a little forest hike by Kakai. Mom opted out but Loey and I  went along, with only one other couple. We saw trees full of yellow baboons and sooo many beautiful butterflies. Afterward I went for a quick sunset swim in the cleanest water I’ve ever seen; the angle of the setting sun didn’t prevent it from casting a shadow on the sandy bottom, even when the water was deeper than my waist. The temperature was absolutely perfect — not too warm, not too cool. Aaaaahhhh.

All seven of the guests met at the amazing outdoor patio bar for beers and appetizers and to be briefed about seeing the chimps. We watched the sunset and then crossed the beach to the dining area for a delicious dinner. We chatted around the bonfire after eating until we couldn’t keep our eyes open any longer, and asked to be led by flashlight to our “banda.”

There was a storm during the night and the sound of rain on the thatched roof was mesmerizing.


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