Daily Archives: February 9, 2011

Young, Charming & Stupid

Barely a day goes by that I don’t receive an advance from another idiot on OkCupid. Which is cool, cause even the biggest idiot can provide an ego boost. But that doesn’t stop me from making fun of them! Hah! Check out this winner:

me gusta

Hows it going young lady?

Ok your beautiful,thats obvious.But I hope there is more to you then your supermodel looks.

Yes you read that right.Would you mind sharing with me your little secret about how you stay looking so great?

If you must know who this funny somewhat handsome intelligent handsome charasmatic charming courageous handsome independent confident loyal trusthworthy handsome stud is,im Danny.And dont worry im not going to stalk you so dont flatter yourself?LOL.I should be running.I have to go do charity work read to blind children.Dont let this oppurtunity pass you bye.

65% Match 60% Friend 32% Enemy

Wow, what a sweet talker! Yo, Danny. You’re kinda far away. AND kinda young. And you certainly think you’re handsome, dontcha? Three times in one sentence, even!

Enjoy those blind kids!


I’m sure you’re thinking, how could Abby let that “oppurtunity” pass her by! He’s so handsome! Hahahahah! Not willing to leave things at that, he actually responded with, yes, yet another charming quip:

I would so hit that

Okay, this guy lives in FLORIDA, ferfuckssake! I’m calling the airlines right this minute! Bwahahahahah! Though he is, most certainly, handsome!