Daily Archives: January 26, 2011

Win the FUTURE!

I watched President Obama’s State of the Union speech last night. Not because I’m interested in politics; I couldn’t care less. I don’t have cable and it was on every channel that I am magically able to receive through the airwaves.  (Yeah, I know, it’s like living in the Third World!) One phrase that he kept repeating, in various contexts, was “winning the future.” Since when did the future become a carnival game? Is it really something that can be “won?”

I get what he was trying to say but it reminded me of the current trend to use “WIN!” as a general positive exclamation or in regards to things that can’t, in general, be “won.” To win something there needs to either be a competition or an actual prize. You can’t just randomly win something. Life, for example, cannot be won or lost. No one gets sent home from life with a blue ribbon or a consolation prize; you just get to die, regardless of how awesome your life was. You can’t win at a day or a date or a holiday or an experience. You can enjoy it. It can be a success. It can even be super awesome! But unless you set some parameters beforehand with at least one other person — ie., “Whoever gets laid wins happy hour!” or “Whoever spends the most money wins the shopaholic prize!” — there really aren’t any winners.

You’re more than welcome to believe you’re a winner. Or a loser, if that’s your preference. You can win at chess and lose at checkers, you can excel at one thing and be less than excellent at something else. But you can’t win the future. And if you do manage to win the future, maybe you can win another one and trade up for the past!

“BioChemistry” Party Debuts Friday, January 28th

In support of Chemistry‘s mission of “Illuminated Eroticism,” event producers Sheila and Kenny are proud to announce the premiere of their “sensual, sophisticated party celebrating bisexual and bi-curious men, and the women who love them;” ladies and gentlemen, BioChemistry! If that intriguing new angle on their erotic soirees isn’t exciting enough, the BioChemistry debut will be in a gorgeous Manhattan loft.

For the past five years, the kinky couple have been co-hosting their bi-monthly Chemistry parties in a slightly off-the-beaten-path Brooklyn location. Being the borough snob that I am, it was often difficult to make the trek, so their move to Manhattan is most welcome!

The Chemistry parties are private events for members only. So how does one become a member? It’s really just a matter of registering. There is a screening process that may seem somewhat onerous at first but, believe me, it’s worth your time. Members’ collective commitment to creating a sensual ambience ensures the events success. In their quest to “change the paradigm for modern relationships,” – a lofty goal, indeed – Kenny and Sheila utilize a selective alchemy to guarantee a good time. The break-outs of “singles,” “casually dating couples” or “friends with benefits” also contribute to the calculated balance.

Augmenting the sexually charged atmosphere, DJ $mall¢hange will be spinning the evening’s sensual soundtrack. Little Miss Lusty and Peter Peter will provide the eye candy with a bawdy burlesque performance. Salil the Sexual Magician enters with his magnificent and amazing feats. The Transformational Warriors’ tantric massage will help you forget all about your work week. Become a walking work of art with Irina’s alluring body painting. Work yourself into a lather with seductive Acroyoga by Intimate Evolution. And to tantalize your taste buds, enjoy complimentary champagne from 9 to 10 p.m. and gourmet hors d’oeuvres by Janna.

When word went out to existing members and friends there was an overwhelming response and the sexy guest list is filling up fast! Don’t miss out on your chance to say you were there to experience the big opening night! Ticket sales will be limited to 100 guests and advanced sales close on Wednesday evening, January 26, and the cover charge is based on membership. If tickets are still available at the door they will, of course, cost more. And if, at first blush, this particular soiree doesn’t sound like it’s for you, yet your interest has been piqued, I recommend you visit their website for other events. They’re working on a night of fun in Philadelphia, a lighter look at S&M and, hopefully, more lust in Manhattan lofts.

Friday, January 28
Doors at 9:00
Midtown Venue to be disclosed upon confirmed registration.
Cover varies upon membership.
Purchase tickets and read more at www.chemistry-nyc.com.