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WTF Cupid! Part Deux

HOLY SHIT! I really need to have an online dating advice column! OkCupid occasionally lets me know that “Someone chose you on QuickMatch!” and they show me nine faces. Purportedly one of those nine give me “four or five stars” and the site encourages me to click on QuickMatch and rate men. If I give four or five stars to the same guy who rated me highly, it may be (yet another) match! Anyway, enough about the inner workings of OkCupid and on to ridiculing yet another stranger! And why I need to have that online dating advice column…

Here is an example of one enormous faux pas, probably the number one “online dating don’t”: Posting a photo of yourself with someone who you’ve chopped out of the picture. Um, wait. This guy didn’t just do a butcher crop job; he actually took a magic marker to the woman’s face! Oh joy! Something to look forward to! If it doesn’t work between me and “vaman 1951,” I can one day be the blacked-out photo too! Oy fuckin’ vey.

So okay, word to you online daters: Do NOT post a photo of yourself where a former significant other (or even a friend or relative) has been rudely cropped out or, even worse, scribbled on like some junior high school yearbook.

An image of vaman1951


53 / M / Straight / Manassas, Virginia
91%  Match  70%  Friend 27%  Enemy

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