Daily Archives: January 10, 2011

Dog Fostering, Take Two!

I’m happy to hear that my first foray into dog fostering, the nervous wreck Casanova, has been successfully adopted! Fortunately for those spindly little greyhound legs of his, the lucky new owner is a runner! It’s been weeks since I said goodbye to Casanova and now, in the new year, I’m sitting on the couch beside my second foster dog, a tiny brown Chihuahua named Chocolate.

I told Holly that I had travel plans and couldn’t really care for Chocolate long, so this stint is a fairly brief one. And can I say, thank gawd? The young woman who was surrendering Chocolate seemed genuinely sad to leave him. Her reason for doing so was his dental health. How bad could it be? I thought before he arrived. Now I know. It is BAD!

The poor little guy can’t close his mouth due to his fucked up teeth. And that’s really a bummer cause his breath is bad. I mean seriously bad. Like smell it from across the room bad. In bed last night he burrowed under the covers, so I wasn’t subjected to the stench but this morning I noticed that he drools. Uck.

We have an appointment with the vet on Wednesday and hopefully there’s something he can do. Chocolate is sweetly shy and totally adorable, with soulful, pale brown eyes and soft, soft fur. He barely makes a peep, letting loose only a few short barks when my doorbell rang. There isn’t an aggressive bone in his tiny body and he couldn’t bite anyone if he wanted to because of his imperfect teeth. But I can’t imagine anyone adopting him in his current condition, unless there’s someone whose sense of smell is compromised!

For the time being, Chocolate is keeping me company on the couch…while I breathe through my mouth!

UPDATE: Chocolate has been to the vet and had most of his teeth removed. He’ll need to be fed soft food but now his breath isn’t stinky! With his calm, quiet demeanor, silky auburn coat and tiny size, I bet this little guy will get adopted really quickly!