Daily Archives: January 2, 2011

Sloth & Loathing?

NY1 is telling me about people who are starting the New Year off “on the right foot.” Is there a wrong foot? I haven’t made a New Year’s resolution in over a dozen new years. What’s the point? If you’re gonna make any sort of life change, today is the right day, and I don’t mean January 2.

I work out at least three times a week and usually more often than that. I haven’t dieted in ages and don’t deny myself anything. I am comfortable with my weight and the shape I’m in. So I didn’t feel the need to start any new regimen today. Or yesterday. Instead, I spent the dawning hours of 2011 in my pajamas, playing Scrabble on my gizmo and watching bad TV. (Which, unfortunately, included the incessant airing of that dreaded Honda ad with its accompanying “Holiday” song…it’s a miracle I haven’t shot the TV. See previous post.)

I spent more hours in bed than a motivated and inspired person should’ve. So what? Yeah, I suppose Sloth & Loathing wouldn’t have sold as many Vegas-based books as “Fear & Loathing” — not that I’m comparing myself to the revered Mr. Thompson. I guess what I’m trying to say is that with all the politically correct acceptance of humans the way we really are (fat, stupid, grievously in debt), I’m here to champion sloth! Cheers to celebrating (yet another) year of self-acceptance!