Kill That Commercial!

Being aurally assaulted by holiday advertising is an annual insult; these days the Bells usually start Jingling long before Thanksgiving. Remember the guy who went to jail for shooting his television when Brandy was booted from Dancing with the Stars instead of Bristol? Well I may soon be joining him. Because this year’s holiday commercials are even more irritating than year’s past, particularly one horrible Honda ad.

When I rant about this with fellow potential tv marksmen and -women we can usually only recall that it’s for a car. I can tell you the brand not because it’s effective advertising; I know because it just aired as I was writing this. And it runs in relentless rotation. Allow me to digress for a moment and ask, Why do car companies advertise at Christmastime? Who the hell buys a car for Christmas? Especially in this crappy economy? With millions of Americans out of work, many of whom have given up and aren’t even looking anymore, are that many people down at their local car dealership signing on for $25,000 of debt? I seriously doubt it.

But back to that double-barrel-inducing advertisement. The commercial in question here features a song so irritating I can imagine its use as a torture device: Vampire Weekend‘s “Holiday.” It’s not that it’s merely annoying in the usual “ear worm” sort of way, although I do often find myself singing the damn song. Once the 30 seconds have past and my blood pressure is returning to normal, the first thing I think, aside from how much I HATE THAT COMMERCIAL, is, Wow, did that band really expect their fast money to translate into flat-out despise? I mean, it’s one thing to “sell out” and make a few of the big advertising bucks by hawking a song. Is it really a smart move to offend people to such a degree that they would never, EVER, consider listening to your band? Ever?

Often an emerging band will enjoy its first bit of national exposure via a TV commercial; Apple seems to be especially adept at finding music from upcoming bands. Perhaps Vampire Weekend thought they might widen their audience with this media onslaught. Instead, they’ve turned off potentially millions of listeners. I know I’m not alone here; beyond my own circle of distressed friends, Joel Keller shares similar sentiments on Ad agencies might take a cue from those of us pointing our (imaginary) Magnums at our TVs and save their clients a few bucks in the process: don’t bludgeon us with the same ad more than a dozen times a day. We beg of you!

“Holiday, oh a holiday/And the best one of the year…”

You may wonder, Why doesn’t she just hit mute? Well, my TV’s so old that I don’t have a remote!

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