Daily Archives: November 29, 2010

Asshole, Updated

I couldn’t resist filling you all (all, like, 10 of you…) in on the updated ridiculousness from this guy (the one with the profile photo of him and his mom). Not only couldn’t he let me have the last word, he wasn’t happy having the last word himself! Hilarious!

After we’d left it at:
ok good luck stuckup one u need someone to hold your hand on the first date too? 

Damn you women on here like to put men through a blender…….lol

And when I didn’t respond to that non-sequitor:

Why did we fight anyway???lol

Well, you called me stuck up and a brat for thinking that perhaps we wouldn’t get along. And we didn’t! Yes, LOL! Read back over the emails and ask yourself what we were fighting about. I think I was polite…maybe you didn’t think so.

ok beautiful………u win

well you cant get along with someone who is stuckup and that depends on the sites questions to see if someone clicks……why dont you ask your own questions…..

Bi-polar AND a momma’s boy! Hmm, maybe I should call him…Hah! Update: As of December 2, this guy no longer has a profile on OkCupid. I guess he wasn’t having much luck wooing women with his insanity!