Daily Archives: November 25, 2010


This is, quite obviously, the time of year when the word gratitude gets a lot of play. A few weeks ago, “an attitude of gratitude” was the theme at Shanti and Arjuna’s “Love In.” There’s the upcoming Burning Man-inspired non-decom that’s been entitled “Gratitude,” supposedly as a nod to being grateful for the burner community. Everywhere you turn, someone’s asking what you’re thankful for, the message being that we should all be basking in our collective bounties.

Gratitude is a glowing, positive emotion. Thinking about one’s good fortune sets a tone for even more. And while I certainly have much to be thankful for, there are one or two things I could, ya know, use. I have my health and would miss it if it were to slip away. But I have always been an extremely healthy person. If I get the flu once a year, that’s a lot. More often, I miss a year. I have a wonderful, supportive family. Again, it is something I’ve had all my life. And though the passing years have reduced our numbers, the foundation of family is one that will outlast the individuals themselves. I have dozens of fantastic friends and an impressive social life. Brains? Check. Beauty, well, you be the judge, but I’m not shattering any mirrors. Talent? Again, I don’t want to toot my own horn, but will you take a look at the way I can punctuate? It’s a lost art, ya know! Yup, I am living a life that’s positively packed with spectacular!

Indeed, though there are many things for which I’m thankful, I hope you’ll forgive me if I am focusing on what’s missing. Because as I sit here in my spacious apartment, a job that will enable me to afford it would be awesome! And if I find someone with whom to share it, I’ll be truly grateful!