Daily Archives: November 24, 2010

Random Rant

I am sorry, but “Dancing with the Stars” is NOT news! I don’t care who won or how they won. Stuffing the battle box for Bristol Palin isn’t the same as voting more than once for an actual politician. Who goes home with the disco ball trophy cannot be compared with who’s running the country. Or the county. Or your local town council!

I don’t give a shit about Bristol Palin or how much her “dancing” has improved. I didn’t care about the last how-many-ever contestants there have been. And have ANY of them actually been “stars?” Florence Henderson? Maybe in the Seventies! I’ve never even heard of half these people! The only thing sadder than these “stars” are the ones appearing in the latest entry to the reality TV competition shows are those on “Skating with the Stars.” Poor Sean Young has hit a new low. For her sake I hope she isn’t the first one eliminated.

The amount of time that this show has been given on television and in other mainstream news outlets is pretty appalling. Can you imagine Walter Cronkite looking into the camera and delivering the story of Brandi’s disappointment?

Now, the man who shot his television after Brandi was booted? I suppose that was newsworthy. What’s shocking about his story is that it was over a reality show rather than an election. We didn’t hear of anyone taking out their TV over California’s Prop. 19. Or one too many Tea Party candidates going to DC. Sigh.

There are plenty of things going on in the world that are newsworthy, both bad and good. Perhaps our news outlets might direct their attention to something that, like, ya know, really matters.