News or Navel Gazing?

So yes, here I am. I finally caved and have begun to blog. Thus far (and not all that far) it has been mostly newsy, experiential, nightlife-y type stuff…stuff that might actually be of interest to people. Possibly even strangers! But I don’t go out every night…didn’t even in my heyday. And as interesting as my life is, it’s pretty difficult to be positively riveting on a daily basis. So what, then? I haven’t come up with any gimmicks yet, like 365 days of…something. Or cooking my way through Julia Childs’ cookbook. I’m not sure I even have the discipline to do something — anything! — every day. I suppose it’s a good exercise…

Anyway, so what I’m trying to say is, should I be using this as a diary? Divulging my depression? Spilling my secrets? Typing out thoughts that would be better kept to myself? All one needs to do is Google me and here I am, dishing my guts out into the ether, for all the world to read. But perhaps that’s the point. In the 21st Century there are no secrets. Our lives are lived online. It’s like the opposite of that tree that falls in the forest: If your photo isn’t tagged from last night’s party, you weren’t there. And if your every emotion isn’t hyperlinked or hash-tagged, why the hell experience it?

I’d ask for feedback, but, as of today, there are probably less than a dozen people who know I’m blogging. If I tell people, will I censor myself? I’m still not sure…


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